We are looking forward to serving you during this One Year Limited Warranty Period. Please review the following procedures and policies of our Customer Service Department.

Devex Construction, LLC (“Devex”) wants you to be excited about your new home and make your service experience as pleasant as possible.

    1. Your original Homeowner Orientation List, completed just prior to your closing, should have been completed and signed by you before closing. If an item could not be completed before closing and Devex has agreed to close with an incomplete list, we expect to have a sign off in 30 to 60 days after your closing. The items on the Warranty Exclusions (available for download here) MUST be noted at your Home Orientation and Pre-Settlement Inspection or will not be accepted as warranty items on your 90-day or 11-month warranty lists.
    2. If you have additional items (which are different from your Original Homeowner Orientation List) that need attention, please list them on the “90 Day Warranty Form” included in your closing packet and downloadable here. Please wait for 90 days after closing to email or mail this form to us. Our Customer Service Department will respond to this list in a timely manner. Please allow 30 days after the inspection appointment for completion of the warranty items.
    3. A “11 Month Warranty” form was included in your closing packet and downloadable here. You will have an opportunity to request warranty service at that time. Use the same procedure as before, and please wait until the 11th month time frame to email or mail the “11 Month Warranty Form.”



* Keep a copy of all lists and correspondence.

* All requests must be submitted either by email or regular mail to 8301 E. Prentice Ave., Suite 203, Greenwood Village, CO 80111. Email address is info@DevexProperties.com. No verbal requests can be accepted by any personnel in the office or at the site.

* Each request MUST be on the appropriate 90 Day and 11 Month Warranty Form which can be filled out online, and turned in at the appropriate time (i.e., 90 day vs. 11 mo.)

* Each Warranty Request Form must be fully complete. All warranty work will be scheduled Monday through Friday between normal business hours of 8am to 4pm. Please know you must provide access for the work to be completed and an owner MUST be present while work is being performed.

* You will be asked to date and initial each line item immediately upon completion of each line item. Failure to do so will delay future Warranty work.