Our Process

We understand that building a home can be overwhelming. With so many moving parts, it’s easy to feel inundated by the entire process. It is our goal to cut out many of the typical hurdles involved in home building for each of our clients. We manage everything in-house. From the architecture and interior design through the entire construction process. We assemble, build and coordinate the team so you can save time, money and much of the stress involved in building a home.

What happens next?

We sit down with you to discuss your new home. It is important to us that we fully understand your needs so that your new home is truly YOURS. We’ll talk about your vision for the exterior look and the interior functionality and design. Once we have a handle on your dream space, we get going with the architecture and the designs. After your approval, we begin the build. This includes coordinating the team and pulling all the necessary permits. The entire process takes about a year. Once your home is finished, it’s time to move in start making memories that make a house truly a home.

Our Guaranteed Fixed Price

Our quote is a promise. You can rest assured that once the design is complete and you receive our budget, that’s the price you will pay.*

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*Specifics may be found in the construction agreement