Whether it’s fixtures or finishes, our work really lives in the details. It’s the difference between “oh, that’s nice” and “WOW. That’s amazing.” That’s our passion. That “WOW”.

Open Concept

We take going with the flow very seriously—and there’s no more effective way to bring that into a home than with an open floor plan. While not only making the space look larger, it feels, brighter, cleaner and well…open.

Exposed Brick

Featuring reclaimed brick and exceptional masonry work; it’s a classic, yet modern design feature that adds an upscale focal point to any living space.


It’s the elephant in the room that we make into a conversation piece. It’s the details and finishes that make a great staircase—and that’s really where we shine.

Interior Garage Door

What’s the quickest, most modern way to literally “take it outside”? Open up the door. Our interior garage doors are one of those surprises that take a home to a whole new level of sophistication. The coolest part? They lock and unlock with the simple push of a button.

Finishes and Fixtures

We look for the very latest in beauty and function. We work closely with Denver’s best designers to choose the most up to date, yet timeless finishes such as exposed steel beams, steel window wraps and other details to keep a space looking and functioning up to the minute for years to come.